With a global customer base spanning 17 territories, Cloudsmith offers secure digital online storage locations to help developers and high-performing companies automate and improve their software development pipelines.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is an Accelerated Provenance Platform that gives Cloudsmith’s customers a broad control surface for their choice of security, analytics and workflow tools across their environments - from development, through deployment to distribution. This approach is unique and potentially transformational for the global software industry, offering universality to a fractured and disparate ecosystem - simplifying and accelerating software provenance through a single, normalised control plane.

Cloudsmith is working with the world’s leading developer tools and cyber security businesses to establish a ubiquitous and globally recognised platform to support responsive and resilient software pipelines in terms of their quality, security and compliance.

In February 2019, Cloudsmith announced pre-seed investment round from Techstart Ventures in support of its product and ecosystem development plans.

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