Liopa is a spinout from the Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queen's University Belfast and is commercialising ten years of ground breaking research carried out within the university into the analysis of lip movements, also known as visemes.

The core Liopa technology uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to automatically recognise speech from video alone, i.e. lip reading, to solve the problem of speech recognition in noisy environments. As well as enhancing speech recognition system accuracy in difficult environments, our products also support biometric authentication systems by providing anti-spoofing countermeasures. By presenting a user with a random challenge phrase to recite, our system can be confident there is a user at the point of capture – this is known as liveness detection.

Liopa’s products are driven by cloud APIs and can be easily combined with existing solutions for speech recognition, face recognition and other biometric systems as an additional factor.

Our expert team covers all areas of the research and development spectrum, from research into new methods for solving complex machine learning problems in speech and video processing; to the latest technologies for delivering cloud-based services.

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