Uleska brings you penetration testing - that keeps on testing.

Penetration testing is a time consuming and expensive exercise, which needs to be repeated at regular intervals.  Uleska’s unique combination of certified security professionals and our award winning, patent pending SecureDesigner product, allows you to break this cycle.

Uleska provides you with the following service:

  1. A full service penetration test by our ethical hackers, utilising manual and automated testing to provide a faster and cost-effective engagement, with full visibility of the testing performed.
  2. We can then integrate SecureDesigner into your development processes, empowering your software teams to automatically repeat the penetration test at any time, giving you full visibility of your software assurance for the next 12 months.
  3. When subsequent penetration tests are required on new features, Uleska can easily integrate this new testing into the existing platform, further reducing the time and cost of future engagements.

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