NI Cyber Directory for Secure Remote Working

NI Cyber Directory for Secure Remote Working

We've pulled together some of NI Cyber's members' services that can help with home working....

Ampliphae Secures and Simplifies SaaS

Ampliphae’s SaaS Management platform allows businesses to implement a robust governance strategy for SaaS adoption in the Cloud with sophisticated discovery, security and compliance capabilities.

Ampliphae quickly finds all the SaaS applications in use in the organisation, continuously monitors adoption rates, discovers risks, and migrates users from non-compliant applications to approved ones.

Ampliphae recognises the value Cloud-delivered SaaS can bring, with fast implementation and pay-as-you-go pricing, but they have always advised of the need to balance benefits against the potential risks of data loss and compliance violations.

In the current COVID-19 emergency everyone is scrambling to adopt SaaS applications to allow them to continue operating – for many, only the ease of adoption and scalability of SaaS has allowed them to absorb the shock of lockdown and enforced home working. But it is more important than ever to perform due diligence on the SaaS to be adopted, by implementing a robust discovery and governance process as your people transition away from the controlled safety of the corporate network to a much more ad-hoc IT environment at home.

Ampliphae can ensure that compliance and security are maintained when your people are operating entirely in the public Cloud and outside of your physical premises.


ANSEC IA Limited

ANSEC IA is a specialist Information Security Consultancy based in Northern Ireland. It has been operating in the Information & Cyber Security Space for over 13 years in both public and private sectors across the UK, Ireland and Internationally.

They can help you with all aspects of securing your IT for remote access and home working and in ensuring that your staff are aware of the associated risks with and best practices for working from home.

Their highly experienced consultants can design, develop and assist in the roll-out secure IT solutions for any size of organisation providing solutions and designs for both cloud and on-premises based.

The team can also provide advice and practical help with security policies, security guidance and developing good practice guides as well as delivering user friendly basic cyber skills training.

ANSEC IA has a trained investigation and incident management team with full access to digital forensics equipment. If you need help or have concerns about your current solution, please get in touch.

Phone: 023894 482900 /01

Automated Intelligence (AI)
AI helps organisations who are faced with the task of supporting staff to work remotely but do not have the necessary cloud infrastructure in place to enable secure remote access to data.

With AI’s data management platform, AI.DATALIFT, organisations will be able to protect and promote the use of data and ensure a robust and long-term business continuity plan.

Making on-premise data available online
Using AI.DATALIFT organisations can make a cloud copy of their on-premise, business critical, data and surface it through powerful search functionality within an online web browser, accessible only by identified key personnel.

Bringing your people and data together in a singular online working environment
Using AI.DATALIFT organisations can migrate their entire data estate from on-premise to cloud. They can make their data available to their people quickly, securely and collaboratively in Microsoft 365. Data Governance and Compliance can be applied automatically and in line with their Information Governance Strategy.


Cloudsmith is a universal, cloud-native package management solution. They provide a 'single secure source of truth' for all the software assets any organization uses, and make those assets available to distributed teams and developers no matter where they are on the globe.
As a result, Cloudsmith accelerates development and deployment cycles, improves software quality and security, and supports reliable, performant distribution of commercial software packages to customers around the world.
Their cloud-native approach is ideally suited to teams working in multiple locations, and individuals working remotely, providing performant access to all software assets across the team and ensuring consistent and reliable availability.



Cyphra is Northern Ireland’s leading specialist cybersecurity services business with extensive experience and expertise in providing cybersecurity services and solutions for a broad range of public and private sector clients across the UK and Ireland.

Cyphra provide on-premise, cloud based and hybrid remote access solutions. These solutions allow an organisation to implement enforceable security policies that meet their business requirements whilst providing centralised secure authentication and access control for users—no matter where they are or what device they are using.

The solutions scale to meet organisational needs and integrate with a variety of existing security controls including multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. Cyphra also provides identity federation solutions for secure remote application access that will improve user experience, consolidate authentication and scale to meet business needs.

The growth of remote working brings with it an increased use of mobile devices. A failure to effectively manage these, whether business or personally owned (BYOD), presents organisations with multiple challenging security risks. Cyphra provides market leading, cloud-based mobile security management solutions that utilise AI technology and are easy to deploy. These secure and contain data accessed by users, keeping corporate apps and content separated while allowing for easy removal and access revocation.

Phone: 028 90 995967

Vertical Structure
Vertical Structure are your personal security experts, and can help you to understand your exposure to the threats and problems which are rearing their head in these strange times. Vertical Structure can provide assistance to your companies in a number of areas:

Training - help you and your partners to understand how to identify and resolve potential security issues at the earliest stages with hands on ‘hack yourself first’, threat modelling and GDPR compliance workshops as well as security training for non-technical colleagues.

Penetration & Security Testing - using automated and manual penetration testing techniques, the team provides a comprehensive security report for your Web and mobile applications, including API testing, and networks which have been newly exposed. The report highlights potential issues and their resolutions.

Improving your security - Vertical Structure ensures that your organisation benefits from continual improvements in security levels through information assurance processes, auditing and certification including ISO27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials.

Phone: 028 9099 5777

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